Is uTorrent Legal?

Is uTorrent Legal?

Trevor Akinde, Author uTorrent is one of the most widely used torrenting clients on the internet. However, some people question whether using a torrent client or uTorrent, in particular, is legal. The answer to these concerns could vary depending on where you live, but most of the points we’ll discuss are applicable all over the […]

‘Nordvpn Background Process is not Running’ and How to Fix it

nordvpn background process is not running

Leona Baker, Author Another day, another software issue to solve. This time we’re taking a look at an all too common error thrown up by Nordvpn. The message itself tells the user ‘Nordvpn background process is not running’ with little more in the way of finding an instant fix. I’m here to tell you there’s […]

How To Watch Ozark Online Free

How to watch ozark online free

Trevor Akinde, Author Ozark, the hugely popular Netflix series is available on… you guessed it, Netflix. Now there’s obviously a reason that you’re looking to watch Ozark online free, which means either:  you don’t have a Netflix account or it isn’t available in your region Let us guide you through some potential solutions to help […]

Avast says my IP Address is Visible and How To Fix It

avast says my ip address is visible

Brian Choi, Author The first thing to know is that you’re not alone in experiencing this issue from Avast. There has been a wealth of people online that have had the same experience and have been able to fix it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you solve in this short guide. What’s […]

‘The Security of this Network Has Been Compromised’ Message and How To Fix It

‘The Security of this Network has Been Compromised’ Message and How to Fix It Brian Choi, Author The security of this network has been compromised… …is not a message you want to receive and can immediately cause anxiety.  Put your rising panic to one side because we’re here to help. We’ve seen this message hundreds […]